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Beauty Burns by Silverback1 Beauty Burns :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 0 0 The Royal Guard by Silverback1 The Royal Guard :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 1 0 The Pantheon by Silverback1 The Pantheon :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 2 0 Liberty Force by Silverback1 Liberty Force :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 1 3 The Guild by Silverback1 The Guild :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 1 3 Silverback vs Bacterius by Silverback1 Silverback vs Bacterius :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 4 0 Venom by Silverback1 Venom :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 9 3 Legacy by Silverback1 Legacy :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 3 0 Hellrangers by Silverback1 Hellrangers :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 7 0 Ruby Precious vs Sunny Foxx by Silverback1 Ruby Precious vs Sunny Foxx :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 2 2 Ladies man by Silverback1 Ladies man :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 0 2 Steampunk 'Raptor Party by Silverback1 Steampunk 'Raptor Party :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 2 2 Alexis on (cosmic) Fire. by Silverback1 Alexis on (cosmic) Fire. :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 2 0 The Curse of Manliness Mountain by Silverback1 The Curse of Manliness Mountain :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 3 0 Rockin' out by Silverback1 Rockin' out :iconsilverback1:Silverback1 5 0


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Beauty Burns
just tryin' out somethin' a wee bit different to my usual fair, since I've been a bit busy tonight 
The Royal Guard
the government funded and backed British superteam, The Royal Guard - left to right 

The Hood - Amir Rashid, a birmingham born lad who joined the military out of school, advancing through sniper and special forces training before being diagnosed with a hyper situational awareness, allowing him to hit any                          target given the right weapon, a weapon expert who employs a bow with trick arrows, enjoying the theatricality - but also carrying a series of firearms and ammo types as well as throwing blades - recruited from
                 his military unit to serve on the Royal Guard
Bulldog - Mike Arthur is a scrappy manchester lad whos healing factor allow him to take beatings that would kill much stronger men - his enhanced reflexes make him a great hand to hand combatant and his scrappy nature 
              more than earned him his moniker time and again - a bit of a hot head and fierce supported of Man U.
Spitfire - a former nuclear physicist turned walking nuclear reactor after an accident activated a latent superhuman ability - only able to interact with people now by piloting his self-powered armour, he uses his power to fight 
              the good fight for the Guard with their promise to help him find a cure.
Majesty - a former soccer star turned most powerful man in Britain, his personal energy field grants him flight, immense strength and makes him impervious to most attacks, a patriot and national icon, Majesty sets the heroic
               standard for Britain. 
Celtica - a mystical stone woman resurrected from a hidden tomb in the highlands, Celtica is both a woman out of time and a protector of the innocent, trying to come to terms with the modern world, her mortal soul trapped in
             the gem in her chest, and her consciousness in the gem on her forehead, is her heartstone is removed she is immobile, but if her mindstone is removed her powerful body will go berserk
Cry - the newest recruit to the Royal Guard, Cry's sonic scream and augmented physiology have begun to make her invaluable to the team - though her past and origins remain a guarded secret.
Var Val Schard Talonis (Dragonshard) - self proclaimed prince regent of the avalonian northen steppes, a being of immense physical power from the magical realm of Avalon - his more human guise is a sort of shapeshifting
                                                         disguise for his true form, that of a large red dragon - his strength and fire make him invaluable in battle and his more savage nature in combat make him widely feared - he is generally
                                                         a fun guy who enjoys nothing more than a pint and merriment.
Shift - a sentient colony of Nanomachanical lifeforms, serving on the Royal Guard as a refugee state, their colony shape is fluid - as is their political beliefs and social government - they exist in a constant state of shift. 

like Liberty Force, the Royal Guard enjoy celebrity status and are a powerful force often used as a superhuman deterrent as well as acting to protect british values, interests, and lives, all from my Macroverse continuity
The Pantheon
the worlds most powerful superteam from my Macroverse lineup, left to right - 

Collision - newest member of their team, Colin Cameron possess immense kinetic power, able to both absorb and redirect kinetic energy, happy to be recruited to the ranks of the most famous superheroes in the world
Redline - a speedster who's abilities make him a deadly force in battle, as quick witted as he is fleet of foot
Aura - a ruthless woman who's personal energy field allows her to distort the laws of physics within the radius of her 'aura', she is fiercely loyal to Jonathan Silver.
Engine - the most sophisticated weapon of war in the world, with a list of separate weapon systems that range from crowd control to planet killers - his appearance on the battlefield causes even the most powerful of villians to 
             second guess themselves.
Jonathan Silver - the smartest man in the world, an expert hand to hand combatant armed with a personal armoury - creator of Engine and founder of the Pantheon, recognised by the world as the leader of the most potent 
                         destructive force on earth and a man completely unafraid to use that to his complete advantage both financially and in the corridors of power.
Violet - mystic mistress of the magical arts, Violet is a woman who's power stems from the umbral realms - a sorceress of extreme power, few mystics of the world would dare challenge her
Erebus - a primodial god of darkness, bored after eons of inactivity and now pleased to be once more worshipped as a part of the Pantheon - his superhuman strength and shadowform constructs and minions rarely see him 
             pressed in battle. 

The Pantheon are the most famous and most powerful superteam of my Macroverse continuity, they are very much the 'you've come to our world to wage war. now you die.' types, ruthless and expedient and utterly effective.
Liberty Force
America's (current) government funded super-group from my Macroverse continuity - left to right -

Full-metal man - A military man who was granted a metal body after injesting a prototypical supersoldier serum to keep it out of enemy hands, his real name kept secret by the US army, Full-metal man uses his super strength
                         and durability to continue to fight for his country.
Tyde - a hydrokinetic youth recruited to the Liberty Force program with the promises of a recording deal, he is more concerned with enhancing his profile and career as a rap artist and music producer than he is with fighting,
          while he can be selfish at times he often steps up just to keep his 'cred' within the superhuman community.
Citizen 51 - an alien raised on american soil after his biological patents ship crashed in Utah, raised to believe in american ideals and trained to use his parents' suits which grant him vast psionic powers, a generally happy
                  person, more than willing to use his powers to help people and make friends - and completely unfazed by his alien appearance.
Mr American - a young all american who naturally manifested a personal forcefield rendering him impervious to harm during a school shooting at his college - he soon started to venture out and fight injustice and crime as
                     Mr American - backed by his wealthy parents, Peter Hamton developed a corporate identity and seeks to pursue his american dream.
Meteor woman - geologist Deborah Dingle was granted fabulous powers after absorbing the properties of a strange meteor she found during an excursion, now she uses her strength, flight and energy blasts to fight evil as a 
                        member of Liberty Force
Captain Thunderbolt - a member of the original Liberty Force, Captain Thunderbolt still uses his electrokinetic powers to protect the country he loves - even 4 decades after he started. 
Pyra - a hip young party girl, Pyra's pyrokinetic powers are more often employed to get her followers on her social media than to fight the good fight - when she does have to fight she will but no matter the peril - she never 
          sees why the party has to stop.
Maiden America - ex special forces operative wearing an enchanted suit of armour which grands her invunerability and a magic sword that can cleave through almost anything - the origins of the armour are kept a closely 
                          guarded secret, but what's never secret is her ruthlessness in battle and her willingness to 'do what needs to be done' to achieve her objective.

much like my British team (The Royal Guard) Liberty Force is a government funded team who are generally employed to handle home defence and act as a superhuman deterrent, 
they are actively recruited and enjoy celebrity status.
dumped a cubic ton of sketches on my wee tumblr, check it out if you want 

  • Listening to: Rolling Stones, Black Veiled Brides
  • Reading: Stormlight Archives, Dresden Files,
  • Watching: AoS, Arrow, Flash, Powers, anythin scifi as always
  • Playing: Watchdogs, Assassin's creed
  • Eating: time
  • Drinking: Whiskey and ambient light


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Richard Macrae
United Kingdom
im just a regular comic book fan/lover of all things comicy. not much to say beyond that. hahah


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thanks, hopin' to get my heroes all appearing in a webcomic at somepoint in the future so stay tuned to see them all in action!
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