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Liberty Force by Silverback1 Liberty Force by Silverback1
America's (current) government funded super-group from my Macroverse continuity - left to right -

Full-metal man - A military man who was granted a metal body after injesting a prototypical supersoldier serum to keep it out of enemy hands, his real name kept secret by the US army, Full-metal man uses his super strength
                         and durability to continue to fight for his country.
Tyde - a hydrokinetic youth recruited to the Liberty Force program with the promises of a recording deal, he is more concerned with enhancing his profile and career as a rap artist and music producer than he is with fighting,
          while he can be selfish at times he often steps up just to keep his 'cred' within the superhuman community.
Citizen 51 - an alien raised on american soil after his biological patents ship crashed in Utah, raised to believe in american ideals and trained to use his parents' suits which grant him vast psionic powers, a generally happy
                  person, more than willing to use his powers to help people and make friends - and completely unfazed by his alien appearance.
Mr American - a young all american who naturally manifested a personal forcefield rendering him impervious to harm during a school shooting at his college - he soon started to venture out and fight injustice and crime as
                     Mr American - backed by his wealthy parents, Peter Hamton developed a corporate identity and seeks to pursue his american dream.
Meteor woman - geologist Deborah Dingle was granted fabulous powers after absorbing the properties of a strange meteor she found during an excursion, now she uses her strength, flight and energy blasts to fight evil as a 
                        member of Liberty Force
Captain Thunderbolt - a member of the original Liberty Force, Captain Thunderbolt still uses his electrokinetic powers to protect the country he loves - even 4 decades after he started. 
Pyra - a hip young party girl, Pyra's pyrokinetic powers are more often employed to get her followers on her social media than to fight the good fight - when she does have to fight she will but no matter the peril - she never 
          sees why the party has to stop.
Maiden America - ex special forces operative wearing an enchanted suit of armour which grands her invunerability and a magic sword that can cleave through almost anything - the origins of the armour are kept a closely 
                          guarded secret, but what's never secret is her ruthlessness in battle and her willingness to 'do what needs to be done' to achieve her objective.

much like my British team (The Royal Guard) Liberty Force is a government funded team who are generally employed to handle home defence and act as a superhuman deterrent, 
they are actively recruited and enjoy celebrity status.
LegacyHeroComics Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2017
A super-looking Super-team!
Silverback1 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2017
I did think they ended up with a decent synergy hahah 

can't wait to have 'em turnin up in stories, if I can get myself into the routine of actually makin' the comics hahah 
LegacyHeroComics Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017
One panel at a time...
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